Cold Sores are highly infectious. They may not be the Corona virus , but they can spread easily from person to person in many different ways that we wont go into here.

A question we’ve been asked many times – “Can I go to my dentist if I have cold sores”? The simple answer is that you would need to check in with your own Dentist.

We took a look at a number of “FAQ” on different denists websites and the response differed across most for Oral Herpes.

Swords Dental had some good advice and asked to check with them first – “as the affected area may be painful, and may crack and bleed during dental treatment.

Elmsleigh House in the UK mentioned their infection control policy and prefered that you reschedule your appointment if you are symptomatic – “we ask patients that if you have had a cold sore for less than 2 weeks, please reschedule any non-emergency dental treatment or hygienist appointments until after this contagious period has passed.” but again they cited cracking of cold sores , as well as the highly infectious nature of the virus.

At the “RDH ( Registered Dental Hygenist ) Mag” , we found an article by Connie L. Sidder where they take a more softly , softly approach and mentioned that they will do everything in their power to help you out . She says “we still need to take precautions when treating patients with active HSV-1 lesions and take care not to open the sore, at least we can offer help by informing them of new developments

A group in Canada “Gateway Dentistry Group” mentioned “The exception to this rule is if you need emergency dental care. Some examples of dental emergencies that require a prompt visit to the dentist include a knocked-out tooth, a broken tooth or jaw, an intense toothache or a severe tongue or lip bite. These are all problems that require urgent attention, even if you have a cold sore. 

Some advice from a Product Website mentioned:

  • Talk to your Dentist – Ask them in general what their opinion is.
  • Call Ahead and let them know – Let them know on the day , better before making your journey !
  • Apply a Cool compress so you ease the redness/pain