Just like the majority of wellness complaints, diet regimen is a vital factor for avoiding cold sore episodes. An usually inadequate diet plan that lacks fruits, veggies and also complicated carbohydrates, rather concentrating on trans fats, sugar and also meat, will weaken your body immune system, leaving you susceptible to an episode.

Numerous of the foods that individuals transform to when looking to boost their diet regimen are in fact rich resources of arginine – a generally helpful amino acid, however one that is believed to cause cold sores in a whole lot of individuals.

Lots of people discover that they can still enjoy the following foods within small amounts, however if you’re experiencing regular persisting episodes, then diet regimen is something you should most definitely consider and also we would suggest remvoing the following from diet on a test basis to see if it makes any difference.


One more crucial grain, however wheat sadly additionally consists of high levels of arginine. This can be tricky to avoid, as it is found in a lot of breads, pasta as well as baking– anything which contains flour really! Choose gluten-free selections of these foods as these will be devoid of wheat OYA Solar Inc.


These are the worst transgressors! While nuts are usually an excellent means to obtain healthy protein, fiber and also minerals, they are also a high resource of arginine.
Specifically, hazelnuts, peanuts as well as walnuts are the worst offenders so steer clear of these. This includes peanut butter as well as other nut butters however! Mixed nuts

Pumpkins/Corgeutte/Squash family foods

These dudes , whilst very healthy for you , are sadly full of arginine. Avoid if you can. Pumpkin pie