Reported recently in the Daily Mirror , a UK Man is suing his date ( whom he met online ) for negligence worth £138,000 for kissing him and giving him coldsores which he claims left him distraught.

A week after the date , he had developed a cold sore and “flu like symptoms”. He claims that his date had an active cold sore and had a duty of care to let him know , before she decided to kiss him.

They had met on “” and rendezvoused in London.

The Court Judge , who had dismissed requests to hold the case privately , has given the Man an ultimatum – He needs to prove that he herpes simplex virus he contracted , was from the girl he met , and that kiss.. He said “It’s your claim and you’ve got to prove it. The battle is yours.”

The man is training to be a lawyer which might explain some of the terminology he has used during the case , meanwhile the woman said “The statement of case discloses no reasonable grounds for bringing the claim,” calling the action an “abuse of the process of the court“.