So you’ve been around the block now with your COVID mask. You’ve tried the various different types of masks ( which we will touch on ) , you’ve had fogged glasses and you’ve had “Mask Acne” ( maskne ) – But what about a Cold Sore as a result of a Mask. We took a look at a variety of different sources to see if there was a link.

Its bound to make sense that if you are breathing into a mask , that you the warm air of your breath is mingling with anything that might be living around your mouth at the time. People dont realise that the Herpes Simplex virus can be simply picked up by someone touching something , then touching their mouth – or worse getting involved and close to someone who already has the virus.

The upside of COVID-19 ( is there one – seriously? ) is that “Community” or “Close Contact” transmission of Cold Sores or HSV1 has been dramatically reduced because we are washing our hands and keeping our faces covered so less chance of us touching.

Mask Types

  • N95 or Professional-Grade Medical Mask
  • Cloth Mask
  • Face Shield
  • Face masks with valves

Yahoo for example , mention a few tips:

  • Eat Well
  • Avoid Dry Lips
  • Avoid touching your face , but wash your hands
  • Wash your mask regularly
  • Lip Balm and Suncream for Lips should be SPF30 ( definitely dont share it )